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people like us

"people like us" is a photography series that turns the lens toward the unnoticed, bringing focus to the individuals within the crowd. Trough this work I seek to pay homage to the subtle narratives embedded in the everyday lives of people, capturing them as they are - through their body language, movements, and the situations without the context of their surroundings.

-- people like us: Text

My Nordic minimalistic background and perspective influences my art. Living in Europe, amidst its densely packed urban life, I find myself drawn to the solitary stories that often go untold in the hustle and bustle.

This series is a blend of these two worlds, emphasizing the quiet dignity of each person amidst the crowd.

-- people like us: About

Each photograph in "people like us" focuses on the essence of human presence through poisture, gesture, and interaction. The images are fragments of existence, inviting you to engage with the subjects on a deeper and more personal level.

The common absence of facial identity challenges you to see beyond the superficial, to recognize the universal human experience in the tilt of a head, the grip of a hand, the slouch of shoulders. 

-- people like us: About
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