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a visual artist

living in Belgium

from Iceland 

my photographic work focuses on

abstract and the minimal

the beauty of shape

​poetry of visuals

with my


on photography

realistic identity fades

with imagination meeting reality​

Enjoy and embrace 

Marta Margrét 

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Next up: 

-- To exhibit at the (M) Art Project Space, "People Like Us", in Brussels Belgium, 13 June - 26 June 2024 (Solo exhibition) 


-- Exhibited at the Le Bonheur Est Dans l'Instant exhibition "Ode to Joy", at Lods 6 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 20-24 May 2024 (International Group Exhibition) 

-- Exhibited at the (M) Art Project Space's  exhibition, "The Art of Form - Change As a Constant", in connection to the Brussels Photo Festival, Brussels Belgium, 27 January-17 February 2024 (a collective with another Nordic photographer)  

-- Exhibited at the Tiny Gallery, "Street" in connection to the Brussels Photo Festival, 30 January - 25 February 2024, Brussels Belgium (a collective exhibition with the Photo Blabla Café Group)  

-- Exhibited at the Le Bonheur Est Dans l'Instant, Labratorie d'Exposition, exhibition "All we need is love", in Paris France, on 25-27 October 2023 (International group exhibition - photography)

-- Exhibited at the Venice Photolab - Photo festival inside the Venice Fashion week - Venice, Italy in 13-21 October 2023 (International group exhibition - street photography - curated) 

-- Exhibited at MIMO, the Museum of the Moving image from 15 April - 6 August 2023 in Leiria Portugal (International group exhibition in connection to the Fotografar Palavras project - a collaboration between writers and photographers from over 25 countries - participation from 2022) 

-- Solo show "People like us"  at Hannesarholt Culture House, in Reykjavik Iceland 18 March - 12 April 2023 

-- Exhibited at Praxis Gallery "Frame within frames" exhibition - Minneapolis, USA from 18 March - 1 April  2023 (International group exhibition - photography - selection process)  

-- Exhibited at Haze Gallery "The Triumph of the Women" exhibition opening on the International Women's day - Berlin Germany from 8-18 March 2023 (International group exhibition)

-- Exhibited at the Venice Photolab - Photo festival inside the Venice Fashion week - Venice, Italy in 14-23 October 2022 (International group exhibition - street photography - curated) 

-- Exhibited at Bunker Gallery, Belgium October 2022 (Group Exhibition) 

-- Exhibited at the Female Artists Oslo "Be Free"  Exhibition - Oslo, Norway 10-25 September 2022 (International group exhibition)

-- Exhibited at Art Nordic - the biggest Art Fair in the Nordic Region - in Copenhagen, Denmark (June 2022)

-- Works on display at Radisson Red in Brussels (winter 2021-2022) 

-- Hundreds of features on various  photography feature hubs on Instagram (2020 - ) ​

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-- Awarded with two Honorable mentions at 2022 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris competition in the fine art / people category (August 2022)

-- Shortlisted in the Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris competition ”State of the World” 2022 photo contest (September 2022)

-- Published and awarded by head curators on - the worlds biggest curated online photo gallery (winter 2021-2022) 

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Publications and media mentions

-- exhibition "Change of Constant" (Brussels 2024) mentioned and Marta Margrét's work featured in Reponses Photo Magazine's article on the Brussels Photo Festival (February 2024) 

-- Marta Margrét's work featured in L'echo´s (Belgian Daily Business Newspaper) article "PhotoBrussels Festival 2024: visual experimentation" 21 January 2024, see here

-- Marta Margrét's work featured in Morgunblaðið's (Daily Newspaper in Iceland) article on her solo  exhibition "People Like Us" (Reykjavík March 2023)

-- Selected to be published in Brussel Art Vue Foundation's magazine: "Black, white and infinite colors" (2023) 

-- Published a cover on a single on​ Spotify (May 2022) 

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